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Tiffany Rosales is the owner and cake designer at Commonwealth Cake Company. She tailors each wedding cake to reflect your personality, your style, and your love story.

Designing cakes is her dream job; baking, creating beautiful edible artwork, and making people happy speaks to her soul.

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Logo designed by Writefully Simple, LLC

Logo designed by Writefully Simple, LLC

I started my business a few years ago as a way to continue staying home with my family.  I enjoyed the freedom of being my own boss, balancing work and family life, and baking.  I initially only wanted to make cupcakes.  Honestly, the thought of making cakes literally made me sick to my stomach.  After agonizing over a business name I picked Taylor’s Sweets, named after my middle child.  It was cute and playful, just like cupcakes, but left the door open for me to add additional products to my repertoire.

Fast forward a few years…I reluctantly took my first cake order and fell in love.  I knew in my heart that was what I was meant to do.  The blank canvas of a cake offered me a world of endless opportunities much larger than that of any cupcake.

Clearly, over the years, I’ve been working on growing my skills and finding my true sense of style.  It’s so easy to get caught up and want to emulate other creatives that you admire.  But I wanted to provide my clientele with a more personal experience.  I wanted them to experience being part of the design process, not simply hand over a picture and trust that I could execute it to perfection.

At the end of 2015, I started thinking more carefully about my brand.  I went back and forth over what I really wanted to be as a business long-term.  More than just an opportunity to stay home, but as a thriving business owner.  Did I want to stay cute little Taylor’s Sweets or morph into something larger?  A social media search quickly helped me make up my mind.  I wasn’t the only Taylor’s Sweets.  I was clearly the first, and most established, but a few others popped up after I started.  I worked way too hard to have my reputation and work confused with others.  My business was maturing and so was I.  I was scared at the thought of change.  But the reality is that it was time for the business to grow up.  It was clearly time to rebrand.

As 2016 kicks off I’d like to re-introduce myself.  Taylor’s Sweets will now be Commonwealth Cake Company.  I’m still the same dedicated baker whipping up beautifully delicious cakes.  My focus will now be on creating elegant, sophisticated wedding cakes.  I’ll occasionally be convinced to do a birthday cake, but my focus will be wedding cakes because that’s where my passion lies.  I’m in love with love.  Meeting new brides, hearing their love stories, and creating the cake of their dreams is my happy place.  I’m ready to embrace change and take my business to the next level.  I hope you all enjoy watching this new chapter unfold.

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