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Tiffany Rosales is a baker, wedding cake artist, and business mentor. Inspired by her childhood love of art and spending time with the people she loves,  Tiffany turned a hobby into a lucrative wedding cake career. Through a love of sharing knowledge, her hope is to offer support to others that she felt was lacking when she began her cake business journey.

Tiffany offers limited in-person and virtual mentorship opportunities during the winter months.

What you'll learn:
  • A roadmap for marketing, branding, and selling effectively and efficiently.
  • Learn how to plan intentional wedding cake designs that surprise and impress your clients.
  • Learn how to create a portfolio that grabs the attention of potential clients and your peers.
  • Learn how to build lasting relationships with venues and vendors that will propel your business to success.

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Fall/winter 2024

- kimberly lewis -

Her wisdom and willingness to help has elevated my business in a way I never imagined.

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Commonwealth Cake Company has availability remaining for 3 commissions for Fall/Winter 2024 dates. Our calendar is now open for Spring 2025 bookings.  Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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